Event Skip Bin Hire: How To Decide How many Bins You Need


So, you have an outdoor event and have decided that you will hire skip bins for all the sanitation and trash removal needs because they are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. One of the things you need to work out next is how many skip bins you will need; an important decision affected by many different factors. Below, see how you can go about at arriving at the right number.

28 October 2016

Planning An Event? Here's Why Hire Skip Bins Are Perfect For Your Sanitation Needs


Skip bin services can be applied in many ways. In most cases, they are used to collect trash, clutter, regular garbage, yard waste and construction waste. However, skip bins are also a great option if you are having an event and require a sanitation solution. All you have to do is hire the bins you require and have your attendees and staff use them for waste disposal. The hire company will then collect the bins later on.

30 September 2016

Leaking Profits? How Drain Problems Could Be Draining Your Business


Encountering a blockage in your workplace restroom is one of the worst feelings in the world. It is a particularly unpleasant experience not only from the wet slippery floor but also the ugly mess and the unpleasant odor that escapes to other areas in your building. The overall dirty appearance and the havoc wrecked on the plumbing system leads to a heavy plumbing bill, not to mention the dreadful reflection it has on the hygiene standards of your business.

12 August 2016

Features to Look For in an Automatic Hand Dryer for Your Facility


Automatic hand dryers cut down on paper towel waste which can, in turn, save your facility on the cost of the towels and janitorial costs in removing them. This can also ensure your facility stays cleaner, without overflowing trash cans. While you may not give much thought to the automatic hand dryers that are in your facility, you may have more choices than you realize. Note a few considerations to keep in mind so you get the right hand dryer for your restrooms.

11 August 2016

Stormwater Drainage - The Basics of Maintenance and Repair


Rainy seasons often bring with them a set of unpredictable problems to homeowners. One of these recurring problems is the blockage of stormwater drainage facilities. Many people correctly assume that stormwater drainage facilities are maintained by local authorities. As such, when flooding occurs, why does it become your responsibility? Up to where does your responsibility end? Who do you turn to for stormwater pit cleaning and unblocking of drainage? Legal point of discharge

23 November 2015