Stormwater Drainage - The Basics of Maintenance and Repair


Rainy seasons often bring with them a set of unpredictable problems to homeowners. One of these recurring problems is the blockage of stormwater drainage facilities. Many people correctly assume that stormwater drainage facilities are maintained by local authorities. As such, when flooding occurs, why does it become your responsibility? Up to where does your responsibility end? Who do you turn to for stormwater pit cleaning and unblocking of drainage?

Legal point of discharge

Storm water drainage within a municipality is organized by the Council. This, however, does not cover drainage and pit facilities within private homes and regions. Your home, therefore, can flood due to your drainage being blocked, broken down pipes, or even tree roots damaging and blocking your system. Local authorities often designate specific areas where you can channel your private drainage to discharge stormwater and join everyone else's discharge. These locations are designated as the Legal Point of Discharge (LPOD). When installing storm water drainage equipment or having your stormwater pit cleaning services done, it is important to obtain information on the LPOD from your local council. This information dictates the direction of stormwater flow, flushing direction during cleaning, and other considerations. This information is applied for at the municipal offices or your local authority and is provided according to your jurisdiction.

From your home to the LPOD lies your responsibility scope. Issues to do with break-downs, cleaning and unblocking within this area are your responsibility as the property owner.

Stormwater pit cleaning

Stormwater pit cleaning services, such as from companies like Able Liquid Waste Pty Ltd, are necessary to ensure your pits maintain a favorable handling capacity. Stormwater Pits often get clogged with debris, silt, roots and other obstacles that accumulate every rainy season. An unmaintained stormwater pit could be the reason your back or front yard repeatedly floods every rainy season. Pits within private residences and installations are the responsibility of the owner and not the local authority. When hiring personnel for stormwater pit cleaning services, it is important to get the right people for this job. The company you hire should always show up with the proper and extensive material inventory for starters. Beyond vacuum flushing, storm water pits may require other mechanisms to dislodge heavily clogged materials. The personnel should always show up with root cutters since roots are often always present in clogged systems.

Visual assistance devices further enhance stormwater pit cleaning. With cameras, the cleaners can see clearly the exact points of blockage and the materials causing the blockage, before blindly commencing on unblocking. Ensure you are paying for an extensive service when hiring stormwater pit cleaning individuals.

Ease of access

While stormwater drainage equipment within a personal property is regarded as the property's personal assets, most local authorities ask property owners to have these assets in readily accessible locations. This makes activities such as inspection easier for the authorities. 


23 November 2015

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