Features to Look For in an Automatic Hand Dryer for Your Facility


Automatic hand dryers cut down on paper towel waste which can, in turn, save your facility on the cost of the towels and janitorial costs in removing them. This can also ensure your facility stays cleaner, without overflowing trash cans. While you may not give much thought to the automatic hand dryers that are in your facility, you may have more choices than you realize. Note a few considerations to keep in mind so you get the right hand dryer for your restrooms.


Always first check the size of the area in which you'll be installing the hand dryer, and especially for restrooms where you'll need more than one. Some hand dryers are very large and trying to fit two onto a wall next to each other can mean having one too close to the sink, which could cause crowding and a problem with the electrical installation. Your electrician should be consulted to note how much space you need between the hand dryer and the sink so you can then choose hand dryers that are appropriately sized.


Hand dryers can often be quite loud and this is a problem for medical establishments and schools in particular, where the noise might carry into the next room. Check the decibel level of a potential hand dryer and note if it might be better to downgrade the motor or blower; this might cause people to take a few extra seconds to dry their hands but it means a quieter operation.

Hygienic hand dryer

A hand dryer with a HEPA filter attached will help to keep dust, dirt, hair, and other such debris from circulating under its blowers. You may need to change the filter regularly but this can add to the cleanliness of a medical facility or restaurant. Look for an antimicrobial coating for the hand dryer for maximum cleanliness; this is a coating that doesn't allow bacteria, germs, and other such contaminants to stay on the surface.


Hand dryers usually work on a timer that shuts them off after so long; this might be anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the model. A low-energy consumption hand dryer might shut off after 5 seconds, but note if this is long enough for an actual drying cycle. Users might continuously switch the dryer on to get their hands dry, so don't assume that a fast cycle is automatically going to mean less energy usage. Choose a low wattage dryer that consumes less energy overall if you're worried about the cost of using hand dryers, versus one with a fast timing cycle.


11 August 2016

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