Planning An Event? Here's Why Hire Skip Bins Are Perfect For Your Sanitation Needs


Skip bin services can be applied in many ways. In most cases, they are used to collect trash, clutter, regular garbage, yard waste and construction waste. However, skip bins are also a great option if you are having an event and require a sanitation solution. All you have to do is hire the bins you require and have your attendees and staff use them for waste disposal. The hire company will then collect the bins later on.

Below, see why skip bins are just perfect for this.

1. They are large enough for any needs you may have

Whether your event is large or small, you can find bins of any size to hire. They range from small 2m3 bins to large truck-size bins. In addition to that, you can hire as many bins as you want. So whether it's a small birthday party or a medium-sized wedding or even a huge concert event, skip bins can meet all your waste needs to the mark.

2. They can't be easily damaged or stolen

For social events such as concerts or sporting functions, vandalism and hooliganism can occur unexpectedly. One of the most vandalised items during such scenarios is trash containers. Luckily, with skip bins this is not a real concern. Skip bins are tough and built using thick steel frames. They cannot be easily destroyed. They are also quite heavy so theft is also out of question. So even if things get out of hand, your bins will remain in place.

3. Bins can be replaced within short notice when full

Sanitation needs during an event are dynamic. One moment your trash bins may be empty and the next they may be full. If you are using skips bins, your event will not have to suffer through this. All you have to do is call the skip bin company and ask for a replacement service. The company will then deliver empty bins and collect the full ones. 

4. Skips can be placed exactly where needed on a venue

Skip bins are usually delivered on location via a truck. Upon delivery you can instruct the person in charge on where to deliver the bins as needed. This will allow you to have the bins positioned exactly where it's most convenient for your guests and staff. For example, you can place some behind the catering tent, others near the toilets and others spread throughout the venue.

Talk to a skip bin hire company and place your order for the different sizes and units you need in advance. Also, specify when you want them delivered and where you want them placed. That will help to cater to all your trash removal needs during the event.


30 September 2016

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