Event Skip Bin Hire: How To Decide How many Bins You Need


So, you have an outdoor event and have decided that you will hire skip bins for all the sanitation and trash removal needs because they are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. One of the things you need to work out next is how many skip bins you will need; an important decision affected by many different factors. Below, see how you can go about at arriving at the right number.

How many guests do you expect?

You can narrow down on the number of skip bins you need by evaluating the number of guests you expect during your event. Here you will need to factor in how much junk you expect each person to generate. Usually, social events feature more consumption hence more trash is put out, unlike corporate events where meals are scheduled. Going by that analogy, you can decide to hire a single skip bin for every 20-30 people attending a social event or per 30-40 people attending a corporate event.

How large is the event venue?

Another factor to consider is the expanse of the event venue. The larger the venue is, the more bins you'll need. After all, you want to have bins at every strategic point to avoid littering. Some types of events such as trade shows or sporting competitions tend to occupy very large spaces. You will need to place bins at regular intervals. You can go about this by placing a bin in every given square feet of space or so.

How many food and beverage outlets are there?

Food and beverages account for most of the waste produced during an event. Therefore, as you decide how many bins to here, make sure you consider the number of outlets that will be serving food and drinks at the event venue. Each outlet should have at least one bin. Outlets where cooked food will be prepared will need even more bins to accommodate kitchen waste.

How long is the event lasting?

You should also consider how long the event will last. The longer the event, the more people will consume food and generate waste. For example, an event that lasts an entire day will need more bins compared to an event lasting half a day. In the same vein, you might also want to think about planning to have bins replaced during the event if lasting for a full day or more. This will ensure that waste does not accumulate in the bins and create a sanitation hazard.

Once you evaluate the above, you will get a good idea of how many skip bins your event needs. You can then arrange with a bin hire company on when to have them delivered, replaced or collected from the site.


28 October 2016

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